Danny & Ron's Dog Rescue

Each month, we feature a new charity or organization that we connect with. Part of what makes the Mavryk community so great is all the incredible people willing to give their time and money to a cause they care about. If you're one of those who wants to give but doesn't know where to start, we're here to help you out.

Featured as a documentary on Netflix, Danny & Ron’s Rescue is unlike any other rescue organization. Because an abused or neglected dog can only recover and learn to trust again when it is in a loving home, Danny and Ron have turned their own house into the ultimate safe haven. There, they personally care for injured and abused animals until they are ready for adoption. Each dog receives a wellness check from our veterinarian, is then spayed/neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, dewormed, groomed, and loved. But most important, each dog is treated like part of the family, fed organic dog food from its own bowl, and even allowed to sleep in the bed. The opportunity to live with humans and other dogs in a real home environment is the best way to prepare a dog for adoption and a life with a loving family.

Learn more about Danny and Ron's story in their Netflix documentary, Life in the Doghouse, where they share their experiences in saving over 11,000 abused and abandoned dogs to date. 

Looking to get involved?

Adoption applications can be found here (for those in South Carolina or Florida) and their official donation form can be found here.