Influencer Information

Who We Are

Mavryk was created to provide a platform that elevates life’s experiences through storytelling and curation of high quality gear, household goods, menswear and more.

We are building a community of influencers that align with our brand values and are currently looking for Featured Mavryk candidates to showcase and bloggers open to writing on an approved topic that aligns with our brand in exchange for exposure (entrepreneurship, motivational, travel, investment, etc.). 

We are also looking for influencers interested in receiving our products in exchange for strategic social posting.

What’s a Featured Mavryk?

Featured Mavryks are men that we feel especially capture the essence of adventure, entrepreneurship, creativity and inspiration.

From professional athletes to bomb technicians to bartenders, we aim to share the stories behind individuals whose resilience, mindset and motivation continue to inspire our community today. 

Our Featured Mavryks receive exposure on our website homepage, blog, and social media accounts.

For more information on becoming a Featured Mavryk, fill out the form below and be sure to mention Featured Mavryk in your message.

About Our Journal

We’re all about building community and we want you to be a part of ours! Got an idea for a journal post that inspires? From meditation to traveling Utah’s Mighty Five, freelancing tips to investment advice we’ve hosted blogs across the spectrum that serve to enrich our community. 

Reach out to us using the form below with your pitch and be sure to mention our journal in your message.

Be a Mavryk Social Media Influencer

We’re looking for both micro and macro influencers to represent our brand on your personal Instagram profile. 

We are currently offering product trade agreements in exchange for strategic social posting to build interest in our brand and mission to build a community of incredible men who inspire and are united in their stories of overcoming adversity, adventuring boldly, entrepreneurship and impact.

Interested? Fill out the form below and be sure to mention our influencer program in your message. 

Complete details on our program will be outlined in an official contract.