Our Story

"A community of Remarkable Men and Brands to inspire your inner Mavryk."

We once heard someone say how a good idea, a little ignorance and a lot of confidence can go a long way. Well true story, we have lived it. Born and raised in different regions of The PNW, we both landed in San Diego.   

Trading in luscious trees for everlasting sunshine, we met and joined forces in 2012 when we launched our first business together, a small specialty coffee roasting company. Years later it has grown into 4 cafes and an expanded roasting facility. It is absolutely incredible to look back at all we have accomplished.

Over the years we have had the pleasure of meeting other entrepreneurs and self-starters that share our ambition for success, despite the challenges they have had to overcome. It was intriguing to hear from these other individuals; learning about our differences and unique paths, all while sharing the same common goal —achieving success in what we do, professionally or otherwise. Their stories of passion and perseverance really resonated with us to the point where we knew we had to share them. And so the idea of Mavryk was born. A community of remarkable men and brands to inspire your inner Mavryk. 

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James & Andrew
The Mavryk Guys